A Better Business

EOS technologies provides the blueprints for businesses to become smart.

Smart commercial properties are capable of automating and scheduling daily activities, while providing a better experience, feeling of protection, and connection to the outside world for anyone inside. All of this power can be controlled by management and facilities staff, from their phones, tablets, or a remote control.

Here's What We Offer



Clean and Simple audio solutions. Need a speaker system for your lobby controllable off your phone? No problem. Need a speaker system for presentations or announcements? Any type of audio solution is catered to the room to provide a soundscape that benefits the work environment, while blending into the décor and style of your office.


Automatic lighting installed by EOS can be controlled by a smart device or remote to automatically change during a presentation or when the office is empty to save energy consumption costs. Pair this with the automatic shades for an even greater impact.


Have a multipurpose room that employees share? Need a simple way for customers to schedule an appointment? Have EOS Install a Tablet outside the door panel to allow employees to sign up and view the calendar for the room, or for customers to check their appointment time and schedule a visit or consultation.


Whenever you leave the room, the temperature can be programmed to automatically change to save energy costs. Temperature gauges can automatically detect the need for changes in the room and improve. Even better, it can be controlled off your phone.

Automatic Shades

Automatic Shades are remote operated and can be commanded to open and close depending on the time of day, or for any time privacy is needed.

Video Conference

Do you have International Clients to meet with? Multiple Offices with employees working together? Have EOS install the equipment for successful video communication across a business, whenever and wherever they operate.

Employee Access

Have an important room only employees should be able to access? Secure room with EOS technologies security installments.

Easy TV

Any TV display can host any of your applications. Netflix, Cable, Laptops, regardless of the device, Easy TV installments ensure you can use the services you pay for on any TV and are simple for presenters to connect to.


An essential piece of your business connectivity so that your customers and employees enjoy a fast and consistent internet connection for any of their devices.


With a smart office, you can connect with your customers and partners faster. Save yourself time and gain success by using the tools to push you ahead in a globalized market that runs on technology.

Remote Support

Having an issue with learning how to use your technology? Emergency situation where something just won’t work? EOS can tap into your network and help you remotely.

Single App

One remote that controls your entire building. Need a room set up quickly? EOS can connect all of your technology together in one powerful handheld device.

Touch Screens

Interactive, easy to use, and useful for presentations, wall panels, and so much more. Have EOS install touch screens to take your business to the limit.

Power Savings

Reduce waste and become a green company. EOS can help your company become possible LEED certified by reducing the waste of your lights, energy, and utilities.

Why Work With EOS Technologies?

Connect your Business to the World

With a smart office, you can connect with your customers and partners faster. Save yourself time and gain success by using the tools to push you ahead in a globalized market that runs on technology.

Save Resources and Improve Efficiency

Smart Shutters, auto-temperature and lighting can all save your business significant money on an annual basis. Use these valuable savings to increase your businesses efficiency on an economic and environmental level.

User Friendly Interface

Once set up, the controls of your smart business are extremely easy to use. All of the complicated pieces are hidden in the back end of the technology, making it possible for anyone to successfully use the technology in your office to its full potential.

Build the business of the future.