About Us

With the ability to monitor your technology remotely, we can solve most problems before you even know you had one. EOS Technologies stays ahead of the technology curve, bringing the best in technology to the Capital District.

Our Recent Work

EOS Technologies, Family & Female Owned for over 60 years has been the Capital District and New York State leader in cutting-edge technology. Always moving forward and looking to introduce our clients to the next great thing.

No two systems are the same and there is always a unique touch to any system installed by EOS Technologies and our expert team.

With 24/7 monitoring and remote support, our staff can handle any issue in a timely manor. We have been the leaders in service for the Capital District for over 60 years!

A Single App Home

Never come home to a dark house, music everywhere, wake up in style! With EOS Technologies & Savant, we bring you the ultimate single app home!

Begin Your Technological Revolution Today!